Do HVAC Technicians Make Good Money?

HVAC technician

Nowadays, more and more people have been staying at home due to the global pandemic. Ex-employees have started new entrepreneurial businesses at home, students are taking online courses from their kitchens, and many businesses are allowing their employees to work from home everyday.  A comfortable home environment is more important than ever before.  

This trend means heating, air-conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC) industry will be that much more important. People will have little patience for an uncomfortable environment when the entire family is stuck at home. Now is a great time to become an HVAC technician.

What are HVAC Technicians?

If you’re wondering what an HVAC technician is, these are the technical folks that install and repair a homes (or business) heating, air-conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC) units.  

Author Wang says that as climate problems continue, the demand for HVAC workers will continue to rise in the next few years. That same study shows that global demand (mostly from 3rd world countries) is increasing by 32.7%. This means HVAC technicians will have strong job security as an industry whole. And with manufacturer quality changing over the past few years, the average unit lifespan is dropping meaning more repairs and replacement. 

Do HVAC Technicians Make Good Money?

HVAC technician

Now let’s dive deeper into knowing if HVAC technicians make actual good money. The data-driven response is a categorical: yes. 

Although there are multiple factors that affect the overall income of HVAC technicians, it’s safe to say that it is a good-paying job! In America, the average pay of HVAC technicians makes about $24/hr. . Given this, one’s average monthly salary could be up to $4,104 a month which can be a great salary in many parts of the country. 

One of the highlights of an HVAC technician’s career is that you can learn most of the skills you need within a span of six months. Salary differences tend to be based on location, experience, and market demand. So finding the right place to practice, can be make a huge impact on your overall compensation 

Furthermore, you can also invest in various things that can help you out with your HVAC technician career. Since being an HVAC technician has many levels, you may try developing your network to be connected to enablers for your career goals. This would include opportunities to become an HVAC controls technician, or choosing to be an HVAC service technician, or be a commercial one. With the many fields in place, there are also different levels of pay that you can achieve with the right factors in check.

Types of Work Done

  • Installing, adjusting, and connecting humidistats, thermostats, or timers
  • Testing electrical components and circuits
  • Improving HVAC systems through cleaning ducts, changing filters, and refilling refrigerants
  • Drilling or cutting holes into buildings
  • Adjusting control systems to balance systems
  • Designing, layouting, and installing low voltage electrical wiring
  • Connecting HVAC equipment to water, fuel, and refrigerant sources

How Can I Innovate as an HVAC Technician?

HVAC technician

Now, this is the question that’s worth asking!

With the current time being more digital and virtual, adapting to the trends can be helpful to even boost your HVAC career. Some HVAC technicians in other countries operate in a very traditional, non-digitized market. However, with the technology we have now, various strategies and techniques can be explored so you can expand your market and grow your career. 

Ever since the pandemic happened, more remote engineering options have emerged as a means of responding to the HVAC services demand. Since people cannot operate as they used to before, businesses have to learn how to go digital. Setting up online platforms, having a more strategic promotional tactic, upscaling the reach of your company or business! All of these things can be ways for you to further innovate the HVAC industry.

What else do you say?

More than just upscaling, you can also improve your knowledge by upskilling your capacities! With more virtual platforms available now more than ever, you check out ways on how to advance your career. This can help HVAC technicians know more about their current industry and further transform old processes that might not work anymore.

Reasons why you should consider being an HVAC technician

  • It’s all about problem-solving. If you want your mind to work always, then consider being in this field. Being an HVAC technician will challenge you since the job here requires problem-solving and critical thinking. Every day is a new day and every day entails new learnings. 
  • Fieldwork is da bomb.  Keep in mind that being an HVAC technician does not trap you in the four corners of the office. You won’t get bored since every repair problem is a change of pace. 
  • There is variety. What’s good with being an HVAC technician is you get to face different challenges every day. Today, it’s all about air conditioning installation, and the next day, it’s all about furnace repair. You won’t be dreaded with repetitive work since you get to face a variety of jobs. 

As you make the switch to remote work, you might also want to try knowing more about work from home. Through tiny lifestyle changes like these, you can also consequently innovate your work ethics and business knowledge. Why be limited with the tools created by the people before right? 

Cultures have definitely changed ever since the HVAC industry began. Now that the world is continuing to modernize, all industries have to adjust as well in order to restructure and embrace new models. After all without innovation, industries won’t survive, so go out there and get that HVAC career! You would definitely not regret it.


C. James

C. James is the managing editor at Wealth Gang. He has a degree in finance and a passion for creating passive income streams and wealth management.