Finding a Remote Engineering Call Center Job

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We live in a new world where working from home is now common place. Although some professions can not be done remotely like first responders, construction, and many levels of politics, others such as writers, entrepreneurs, call center agents, and of course, engineers have been working remotely for some time, even before Covid-19. 

Engineers are actually one of the first professionals who experienced remote work because of the flexibility of their field. By just using a laptop with internet access and proper applications, engineers can carry out their tasks anytime, anywhere. 

This article will show you everything you need to know about finding a remote engineering job.

How to Look for Remote Work

Luckily for engineers, there is no shortage of jobs. There are many opportunities based on your schedule, location, and availability. Whether you specialize in electronics, software, or industrial engineering, you’ll definitely find a role that fits your expertise.

If you want to do freelance work first, you can find many opportunities at the following sites: 

  1. Upwork – one of the most popular freelance marketplace in the world. Independent professionals can seek short-term jobs here. 
  2. – you can find numerous remote work opportunities here. Applicants are mostly software and industrial engineers.
  3. Lorem – it offers companies project-based pricing that allows them to hire freelancers. Many engineering firms look for new hires for their short-term projects here. 
  4. Codeable – this platform is catered explicitly for web developers. Most companies that post jobs here are marketing agencies and businesses.
  5. Glassdoor – it is one of the biggest job boards for remote working. There are a variety of jobs available for different professions. 

For engineers who are looking for long-term placement, there are also recruitment agencies for remote-job seekers: 

  1. Distant Job – this platform helps companies to select and hire remote software engineers.
  2. – has several postings for engineers who specialize in computers, applications, and software. It’s hiring process is made simple for both the applicant and employer/
  3. Remote Talent – aside from engineers, other professionals can use this platform as well. This helps companies to match with remote workers. 

Companies you Can Apply To 

When finding remote work, be sure to look out for reputable and well-managed companies with a good system in place. That way, you can ensure that you can have a good experience and be appropriately compensated. 

Many US-based US-based companies hire engineers from all over the world. 

Here are some of the companies that offer work-from-home opportunities:

  • Chemours – one of the biggest tech companies that hire chemical engineers. They provide one of the most competitive salaries for remote engineers.
  • Contech – to scale their operations, they hire several civil and systems design engineers.
  • Donan – they mainly hire remote engineers who are based in the US. This company needs geodetic and chemical engineers to work on forensic investigation.
  • Stanley Robotics – based in Paris, this is a tech company that actively hires mechanical and electrical engineers for the development of their automated parking application. 
  • Kelly Services – a staffing agency that provides placement for chemical, mechanical, and civil engineers across the globe. They have a successful matching rate between companies and remote engineers. 

Remote engineers have a competitive salary. Glassdoor, a remote-work job board, reports that most engineers that have an hourly rate earned about $24 per hour. While the average wage of remote engineers can range between $73,000 to $135,000 per year, this still depends on the company. For instance, Chemours and Dell remote engineers earn an average of $120,000 a year. 

Advantages of Remote Engineering Work 

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Some engineers chose to work remotely because of the following reasons: 

  • Flexible schedule and work arrangement – engineers can do their work in the comfort of their own homes or wherever they may be. Since you are working remotely, you can do your work at your own pace. Deadlines are also set, but being at home and following your own schedule will help you achieve your tasks at ease and with less pressure. 
  • Higher productivity – engineers devote lesser time in preparing to go to work since their remote work allows them to do their deliverables anytime, anywhere. They can have more time to work with lesser distractions. You can even squeeze in a side hustle too. 
  • Cost-effective – when you are out, you are likely to spend more money. This goes for engineering companies or firms as well. They invest in expensive office spaces for their operations, but with more engineers working remotely, they can cut down their costs for space and equipment. Employees can also save more time and money. 
  • More sustainable – in this day and age, more and more industries are switching their operations remotely. Many unforeseen circumstances can happen, which only remote companies can adapt to. Even if there is a calamity, engineers can still carry on with the majority of their work. 

Industries are constantly changing and adapting to our world’s current situation. Remote work is ahead of it all. As an engineer, you can definitely do remote work and enjoy its benefits. By working at the right company, you can save money, be productive, and improve your overall well-being as a member of the workforce.

Preparing for a Work at Home Job Interview 

Deciding to find a work-from-home engineering position is only half the battle; you need to actually land the job. Where some people were strong in interviewing face to face, the process is quite different now, and it takes a new set of skills to be successful.

For example, your resume must show that you have the ability to work from home and manage  unique distractions and work under minimal supervision. You need to anticipate different questions during the interview process than the types of questions that were asked merely 6 months ago.

You also need to understand technology in order to be successful at your online interview and you’ll need to show that you have a well designed and established office from where to work at. 

If you want to land that perfect work from home engineering role, we recommend the Complete Work-From-Home Training Guide. It’ll prepare to land any remote position.  


Many Engineering positions are well suited to working from home and with the large amount of businesses now being forced to manage their entire employee base remotely, it is a great time to find a work-at-home engineering role. But although there are many job opportunities, there are also many job seekers.

In order to maximize your chance of landing a great engineering position, prepare yourself for the new world of interviewing.

C. James

C. James is the managing editor at Wealth Gang. He has a degree in finance and a passion for creating passive income streams and wealth management.