4 Reasons Fundrise’s New $10 Minimum Starter Portfolio Perfect For New Investors

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If you have been on the fence about dipping your toe into real estate crowdfunding, your decision just got a lot easier thanks to Fundrise. Today, Fundrise has announced that their Starter Portfolio now boasts an extremely low $10 minimum. The company redesigned their starter portfolio in order to cater to younger non-accredited investors.

The new starter portfolio, with a can’t lose minimum of $10, is ideal for investors who are tech savvy, information hungry, cost conscious, and long-term minded. And below are 4 reasons why you should give Fundrise a shot.

But first things first…

What Is Fundrise?

Fundrise is a unique real estate crowdfunding platform that allows non-accredited investors to participate in all of its available deals. With Fundrise, you can participate in something called Electronic Real Estate Investment Trusts or eREITs. With eREITs, you generate a quarterly income through the investment of commercial real estate projects.

Fundrise also offers Advanced and Premium tier levels. These higher levels give you access to a greater number of real estate projects as well as offer more features and benefits.

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Currently, Fundrise offers five account levels—Starter, Basic, Core, Advanced, and Premium—providing a tailored experience for investors of all net worths and experience levels, whether you’re investing thousands of dollars into Core or millions of dollars into Premium.

As with most platforms, Investors can upgrade to a higher account level at any time as their account balance grows.

4 Reasons Fundrise’s New $10 Minimum Starter Portfolio Is Worth It

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$10 Is Fundrise’s Lowest Minimum Ever

As mentioned above, the Starter Portfolio’s new $10 minimum opens the door to everyone who is interested in growing their real estate crowdfunding portfolio immediately.

You Gain Access To The Fundrise Flagship Fund

Investors in the Starter Portfolio will be invested entirely in the Fundrise Flagship Fund, which already owns over $250 million worth of real estate properties around the country, from the red-hot single family rental market to larger last mile e-commerce logistics centers.

Fundrise Seeks To Focus On Investor Education

Part of Fundrise’s plan is to work with personalities in the financial education space to develop programs for Starter Portfolio investors. Everyone is familiar with stocks, but Fundrise wants to educate their investors on the world of alternative investing. A world that is prime for a huge boom over the next decade.

Penalty-Free Liquidity

The biggest detractor for people who are thinking about real estate crowdfunding investing is the lack of liquidity. And while Fundrise is still very much a long-term investment, the structure of their Flagship Fund allows them to offer a penalty-free redemption in the event that an investor needs to liquidate. That isn’t a perk you will find on every platform. And it was certainly a selling point for us. Nothing worse than illiquid assets.

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