How to Make Extra Money at Home

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Perhaps, you are scouring through ways to make money at home now that everyone is expected to follow quarantine protocols. However, searching the Internet for opportunities does not always go smoothly. A quick web search can sometimes reveal work from home scams instead where you’re asked to deposit particular amounts of money before you can start working. Fortunately, we’ve gathered legitimate money-making strategies for you to consider. 

This article will show you how you can make extra money at home. 

How to Make Extra Money at Home

We’ve listed options for everyone. It does not matter if you don’t have a talent for singing, dancing, or writing. There’s something for you here. 

Answer Surveys 

Taking online surveys

Spare a few minutes to complete surveys and product tests to earn as much as $250 per month. You don’t have to bring out capital money. Your time and honestly are your only investments. However, you should be meticulous about the site you are committing to. If it requires money to successfully sign up, chances are, it is a scam. Here are some of the sites that are proven and tested. 

Test Websites

You can earn as much as $30 per hour by sharing your thoughts regarding websites. You do it by opening a website and clicking around. The web owners would then compensate you for completing the short tasks. However, you should know that your screen and voice will be recorded when you visit the website. Some of the companies that hire people for website review are Apple, Adobe, and Microsoft. 

Watch Videos

If you enjoy watching, this side hustle is for you. You can get paid by watching videos like news, previews, etc. Swagbucks is one of the thousand sites that give you money for completing videos. The company asks users to watch a particular media for designated frequency and duration. You can earn as much as $200; nevertheless, earnings may vary. 

Write to Earn

If you have a knack of writing, you should grab freelance writing opportunities. You can make money while improving your skills. As long as you have the passion, go for it. Having an English degree is often a plus point but it is not required. If you think you can produce quality write-ups, try it. 

Job sites such as Upwork look for people like you. The writing tasks cannot be encapsulated in a single category. You may submit a proposal for ghostwriting, blog posting, or any other writing opportunities. 

Sell Stuff on Craigslist or eBay

List Items for Sale on eBay

Clean your room and sell stuff that you are not using anymore. You can post them on eBay or Craigslist. However, the latter is a better choice if you are looking for a site that offers less friction. Unlike eBay, you don’t have to establish solid reviews on Craigslist to proceed in selling big-ticket items. 

In case you do not have anything to sell, you can always help other people. Sell items for them and commission from it. It’s always a win-win situation.

Tutor to Make Money

You can enter online tutoring spaces through websites like Tutor Me,, and Skooli. In comparison to other websites, they have lower friction entry points. However, you can also apply to huge sites like Upwork, Freelancer, etc.

As for the subject of your tutoring sessions, it can be academics. Into the bargain, it can also be about music if you are adept at it. 

Play Online Games

Playing online games is one of the most popular ways people spend their free time. It is often for entertainment. Nonetheless, you can earn money from doing it. Many websites such as InboxDollars pay you every time you play the games they feature. 

Try Calligraphy

Are you fond of doing hand letterings? If yes, this side hustle is for you. You can easily find clients online since calligraphy is fitting in almost all categories. It can be done on wedding cards, invitation cards, stationery, and others. 

Rent your Stuff

If you have things that you are not using, let other people use them for a price. Allow them to rent your parking space, automobile, clothes, gears, instruments, studio space, etc. 

Return Cartridges

You can get free credit if you return empty printer cartridges to office supply stores like Staples, Office Depot, etc. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. You get rid of the trash in your room and receive credit at the same time. 

Sell your Snapshots

Earn money as an event photographer

You can sell random pictures on stock photo sites such as Shutterstock. It does not matter if the photos were taken on a holiday trip, at your backyard, room, etc. As long as it has a decent resolution, chances are, the companies would take it for a reasonable price. 

Start an Online Business or a Blog

Establishing your blog website or online business requires consistent time and effort. You have to reach a certain user base before you can fully maximize earnings from the platforms. Albeit it is challenging, it is worth your sacrifices once you already establish loyal visitors or customers. 

Get Your Money Back

Keep the items you bought and get your money back at the same time. It may sound ridiculous but it happens sometimes. Paribus is a platform that allows you to check if an online store owes you a refund. Such a case is true if the price of the item drops after you purchase it. 

Paribus can help you claim your money back for free. Just connect it to your email account so you can check your receipts. 

Rate Pizzas

How do you like your hawaiian pizza? With or without pineapple? Many local pizza shops look for people to critique their pizza recipes and delivery time. If you love eating, this is something you should consider. You can earn $5 and get a free pizza as well. 

Final Thoughts

Don’t get discouraged. There’s always a perfect side hustle for you out there. List the things you enjoy doing and from there, search the web for any available money-making activities related to your interests. 

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