How to Make Money on Reddit

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Our world is in constant flux and everything from technology to even viruses is reshaped our lives. Not that long ago, work meant physical labor. Now you can make a great living with little physical activity with simply a computer at your fingertips. You can find these non-conventional ways of making money by exploring various applications or websites, such as Reddit. 

If you’re looking for ways on how to make money and thought maybe you should start with Reddit, you have come to the right place. This article will tell you everything you need to know on how to take home a decent amount of income using this platform. 

Getting to Know Reddit


Reddit is a site that advertises itself as the front page of the Internet, and it does not fail in proving so. It was founded in 2005 in Medford, Massachusetts, United States. It now has 430 million monthly active users after more than a decade of existence. Its user base continues to grow more rapidly than Facebook

The site serves as a social news platform since it houses different content that users would like to discuss or talk about. It can be anything under the sun. You may talk about writing, basketball, or even the most mundane topics you can ever think of, such as hotdogs. There are also freakish posts like birds with cigarettes. 

Let us dissect the Reddit features for you to know how to navigate the site to earn legit money properly. 

The Reddit Design and Framework

Millions of communities that are otherwise known as subreddits constitute the website. Each subreddit revolves around a particular topic. The /r/forbidden snacks is a community that posts pictures or comments about inedible stuff, which looks delicious. On the other hand, /r/worldnews is where you can share updates or anything about the latest global issues. Subreddits start with /r/ because it is part of the URL that the site uses. 

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Great Threads from Reddit

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The homepage shows you a series of topics from different subreddits. You can sort it out as best, hot, new top, or rising. Each post has an up and down arrows on its uppermost left side that can dictate its visibility. The number on the center of the arrows expresses the sum of all upvotes and downvotes.

You can create a subreddit as long as you have a Reddit account, and you follow the community guidelines of the site. Reddit also has its own language like any other website. It has a bank of different abbreviations you should acquaint yourself with if you plan to explore the site. It includes OP, which means original poster, AMA that stands for asking me anything, and many more. 

The site also uses what is otherwise known as Karma. However, its definition differs from our traditional understanding of the word. It is not a reverberation or consequence of our actions. Rather, it is only an accretion or accumulation of scores that you can get from posting or commenting. It can either be post karma or comment karma. 

Reddit Karma cannot be monetized, but it can help you more than you ever realize. Having high scores adds credibility to your account. Online platforms are sometimes fiddle. Users cannot be too careless. You should strive to earn users’ trust in the digital world if you wish to use it for money-making purposes. 

How to Make Money on Reddit

Reddit does not directly pay its users for posting on the collection of forums; instead, it serves as an avenue. Here are some ways to earn using Reddit:

Choose Gigs on Beermoney

The /r/beermoney subreddit prides itself on a subscriber count of over 400,000 users. It is deemed as one of the best platforms to earn money. However, you cannot make a living in this community. It can only give you extra money since the tasks are just short opportunities. Nevertheless, it is not bad since it still helps fill your pocket with cash.

Beermoney is a good side hustle. Here are some of the opportunities you can find on this community:

  • Swagbucks pays users for completing online surveys. The amount of money you can earn depends on the length and how much time is required to answer the survey.
  • Achievement rewards its users with money through fitness activities such as walking, running, biking, and other exercises. You have to earn points to make money. You can get $10 cash for every 10,000 points.
  • Gain.GG lets you earn money in so many ways, but the most effective method would be watching videos. You get 9 coins for every three videos you watch. Every 1,000 coins equate to $1 cash. You can sign up either through your google or Steam account. 
  • is a website devoted to gamers who want to earn money as it requires users to complete gaming tasks. Nevertheless, it also includes opportunities that non-gamers can easily accomplish.
  • Fetch Rewards is an application that rewards your money or gift cards when you scan and upload your paper receipts. It is a very convenient way of earning because it does not require any other actions. 

Being a loyal member of the community also carries its perks. Giveaways were rewarded just recently when the subreddit reached 400,000 subs. Five users were chosen to receive $20 cash for answering the question the moderators posted. 

Work from Home with WorkOnline

woman on laptop

You can find plenty of job offers in /r/workonline subreddit. It currently has approximately 230,000 users. The community accommodates job postings and other online gigs. You can also post about what kind of online work you are eyeing and refer to comments for suggestions.

WorkOnline allows you to give any type of work a whirl. You can do freelance writing gigs, online marketing and tutoring jobs, and others. You can even look for full-time employment with eight to nine working hours. Unlike Beermoney, this subreddit can help you sustain a living. It can be your primary source of income. 

Showcase your Talents in ForHire

The /r/for-hire community is a platform where you can merchandize your skills and abilities. It is currently housing almost 170,000 users. Many employers visit this subreddit to hire people that can do one-time or regular projects for them. Oftentimes, they look for people adept in technology-related jobs like web development. Nevertheless, it is not limited to that. 

Are you an excellent graphic designer? Can you write good stuff? Do you know how to proofread or copy-edit a paper? What can you do? If you have something up your sleeve, you can put it out on the community, but make sure to follow the format guidelines.

Extract Money from Slave Labour

The /r/slave-labor subreddit also cannot sustain living like Beermoney, but it can give you some bills to spend. It is a low paying job, but it helps if you desperately need to raise money. Moreover, it does not require specialized skills. You can earn through accomplishing simple tasks.

The number of users in this community recently reached almost 165,000. You might still want to consider this because it is still good support for your primary job. It may not give you a massive sum of money, but gradually it can reach a satisfactory amount of money. Think of it as a way to fill up your hidden piggy banks. 

Earn with Sign Up For Pay

You can earn by completing a task that is as simple as signing up. The /r/signupforpay community now has more than 28,000 users. Many employees post in this subreddit to find people to sign up apps for their company audience boost. It might not give you big bucks, but the job needed is worth the pay. 

Users who are part of a referral program usually send an invite link. You just have to click it, follow the registration process, and you can already receive your reward or bonus. However, some sign up for pay offers require you to invest first or bid before you can earn money. Make sure to carefully assess the posts you see online to avoid getting scammed. 

Loan Cash from Borrow

If you are a high-risk high-reward type of person, then /r/borrow community is for you. Users who are desperately in need of money or those who want to lend cash frequently navigate this subreddit. It is a platform that can be a good source of passive income.

The community currently has over 60,000 users. Most of the posts in the subreddit are about unexpected expenses such as medical emergencies or rental issues. The bigger the loaned money, the higher the interest. The loaners often charge a minimum of $10-$20 interest for loans within a $100-$200 range. Those who borrow money usually swear to pay when they receive their paycheck. 

However, some users do not keep their promise. If ever you encounter such situations, you can always send “a submit a PayPal dispute.” It can help you get your money back. 

Here are the things you can do to avoid bogus users or scammers: 

  • Never loan to users with new accounts. Oftentimes, scammers create them to deceive loaners. 
  • If possible, check the borrower’s history. 
  • Investigate profiles and evaluate if the user is legit. You can say so based on their Karma.  
  • Always use PayPal and not other payment gateways to get your money back in case you get scammed. 

Dream Big at Startups

The /r/startups community currently accommodates 415,000 users from around the globe. Almost everyone, if not all, aims to establish a stable business to be able to provide for their family or to satisfy their personal needs or luxuries. If you are one of them, this platform is perfect for you. 

Although this subreddit does not directly pay you, it offers startup ideas and solutions that you can use to make your thought-of business successful. Moreover, it is free. You do not need to hire financial advisors to go over with your plans. It is a good steal for someone dreaming of being in the market. 

Advertise and Promote your Business

Best Books for Starting an Online Business

Reddit can be a good platform to introduce your business since the site has approximately half a billion users. Post about it to let others know. However, you should also participate in different communities and be a loyal and frequent user. You might get banned if the only thing you do there is promotion. It would appear as if you are cashing in on Reddit. 

Moreover, participating would actually increase your credibility. If you earn a lot of karma points, other users will take your business posts seriously. You also have to remember to post transactions only on communities related to your business. 

Be a Reddit User

If you have found the mentioned subreddits as something you can do, then sign up and be a member of the growing community of Reddit. What you need to do is to direct yourself on its login page. Secure a username, password, and email. You will be asked if you are not a robot, so make sure you check that. You can create multiple accounts as long as you put it into good use.

Reddit automatically provides subreddit suggestions when you first log in. If you have communities in mind already, you may choose to find it right away. Just click on the Search tab and type a keyword related to the subreddit. Subscribe only to communities you want to see posts from. 

Final Thoughts

There are many ways on how you can earn through Reddit. You just have to pick the right community to maximize your skills. You also have to be wise about job agreements. If you think the offer is too low for the work needed, find other ones. 

Do not settle on low-paying jobs if it demands so much. Nevertheless, you can engage in such if it is just worth the pay. Do not hesitate to contact or connect to employers because some jobs do not even demand professional skills. Sign-ups do not require any qualifications, and neither are the other job offers. 

Your purpose for joining might just be about earning or doing business, but do not forget to follow the guidelines. Reddit bans users who take advantage of the site. It is to ensure the communities are kept clean from different spams. Posting or commenting with affiliate URLs or links is not allowed and can be considered a violation. 

If you want to earn legit money through Reddit, make sure you respect the site and its members. Doing so will bring you to places. Perhaps, it may take you to a path of success or more. 


C. James

C. James is the managing editor at Wealth Gang. He has a degree in finance and a passion for creating passive income streams and wealth management.