How to Make Money on Teespring



How to Make Money on Teespring

Most newcomers who want to enter the eCommerce industry opt to sell custom-designed t-shirts via Print-on-Demand services.

Print-on-Demand seems like a perfect choice. Aside from its high-profit return, it also needs a small capital and a high dose of your creativity. Amongst the various Print-on-Demand (POD) App services out there, Teespring managed to climb the top spot. 

Teespring allows you to design a lot of things – from Tshirts, posters to household items and a lot more. You can then put these items up for sale on the website. If you’re creative and have a good eye for designs, Teespring could be a perfect website to make some money online. 

This article will teach you everything you need to know on how to make money on Teespring

What is Teespring and How Does it Work? 

Are you looking for a platform that can handle pretty much everything? 

Well, Teespring could be the answer. All you need to do is come up with a unique design. The rest will be taken care of by TeeSpring – from printing, order fulfillment, shipping, and even customer service support. 

Using the website does not require rocket science either. TeeSpring is pretty much easy and user-friendly. It’s a perfect platform for those who are just starting with POD services. 

How to Make Money on Teespring


Here are the steps on how to get started with TeeSpring and start making money. 

Create an Account for Free

Signing up with Teespring is totally free. Simply click here, enter your email address, create a password and confirm it. Then click the Sign-Up button. 

Create Your Store and Choose Your Product

Once you have signed up, you will be asked to create your own store. Pick a name that would represent your brand. 

Afterward, you can then start creating your own products. Teespring Launcher is a great tool that you can use. On this page, you can choose what product you would like to create – whether it’s an Apparel, Home or Accessories. 

Once you have chosen a product, you can start designing it. And if you’re worried that you’re not tech-savvy, worry no more. The designer tool is pretty much easy to navigate. You can add images, artworks, texts, etc to create a unique and interesting product. As you are designing your product, you will see the exact cost to print it and the profit that you can get from selling it. 

Name Your Price

price tag

What makes Teespring an eCommerce favorite is the user’s power on how much money he can make. It is a free platform to use and you have full control over how much profit you can earn. For example, the base price of a T-shirt is $10. If you want to keep 100% of the profit, you can set the price to $20. This way, you can keep the $10 profit to yourself. 

In setting your prices, it is imperative that you have to consider the quality of your product. You can’t just raise the bar yet fail to deliver. Besides, no one would buy a $20 T-shirt if it looks plain and ordinary. 

Create Your Listing

Designing your product is an important step. However, creating your listing is as important. This process is critical in attracting more customers and driving more sales. 

Take your time in making your listing title and description. These tools are powerful in converting customers who are just browsing to actually buying your products. They are also critical in making your products more visible in online search engines. 

Here are some tips on how to optimize your listing descriptions:

  • Add a descriptive title and make your listing description short. 
  • Add relevant keywords in your title and description. Avoid stuffing them with too many keywords though. 
  • Increase cart size by encouraging group buying. For example, “Get free shipping when you order for a friend, or “Get one for yourself and for your best friend.”
  • Never add a “100% guarantee” or “money-back guarantee” in your listing descriptions as this could be a violation of false advertising policy.

Listing Title 

This is the most important element that you need to optimize. A good title incorporates keywords related to the product as well as words that buyers might be searching for. There is no use in repeating keywords as this does not help in improving your SEO. 

Also, don’t include descriptive words such as product type, size, color, etc. These are automatically incorporated into listings when they are added to search optimization or the Boosted Network. Additionally, your title should be between five to eight words (40 characters). Avoid using words such as “over 1,000 sold”,  “limited edition”, or “ending soon”. These words don’t improve your SEO, take up space and could even be a violation of the false advertising policy. 

Listing URL

Customize your listing URL with relevant keywords. It’s also a good practice to add your default product to the URL. For example, if your design is “Dad loves fishing” and your product is a shirt, you can customize your URL as “ 

Listing Description

characters and should have words and contents relevant to your design. Keep it as short and concise as you can – avoid stuffing it with random texts, hashtags or keywords. 

Market Your Product


It’s now easier to market your product to the world, thanks to the power of the internet. With the right marketing strategy, you can now reach out to millions of potential buyers all over the world. 

Here are some effective ways on how you can promote your products globally. 

Social Media

Social media has been one of the most popular platforms used by businessmen to drive sales. As of 2019, 3.5 billion people are using social media. Imagine how powerful this platform could be in introducing your product to the world. 

Most social media platforms are visually based. Youtube and Instagram are perfect for the promotion of your products. Feature images or videos of yourself or other people wearing your products. Make sure that your content uses lifestyle mockups so customers could see themselves using your products too.

Maximize on these promotional strategies to establish an engaging content that could convert to sales. 

  • Build up your customer’s excitement by dropping hints of your new product. Post “something big is coming soon” or share a teaser image of your new design. This does not just build up the hype but also keeps an air of mystery that will make your audience hooked. 
  • Promote your product at prime time. Make the announcement of your new product when most users are active on social media. 
  • Limit the availability of your product by setting an end date. Buyers tend to purchase a product when they know that it’s a limited edition. 
  • Give discounts and promo code for a limited time too. When you create a sense of urgency, you can drive more sales within a shorter period of time. 

Teespring Integrations

Teespring is your all-around platform. It does not just make your life easier in creating your products but it also helps you with the promotion too. It offers an extensive list of exclusive integrations that you can use to drive more sales. 

  • Boosted Network – It’s a collection of marketplaces and automated promotional tools to help increase your sales. Your listings are automatically added to marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. Once you are opt-in, Teespring will also feature your products in buyer marketing campaigns. 
  • YouTube merch shelf – This enables you to sell your products directly below your YouTube videos. You can also use the new “pin” feature while live streaming to increase your sales. 
  • Twitch merch store – You can sell your product while engaging with your customers using features such as chat alerts and built-in OBS. 
  • Streamlabs – Your followers can receive customized alerts whenever they purchase your merch. This is integrated with several platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Gaming, Mixer and more. 
  • Instagram Checkout – This integration enables your customers to purchase your products directly on Instagram. 
  • Google Shopping – It helps you promote your products in front of millions of shoppers. You can use Smart Shopping campaigns to increase your revenue. 
  • Google Analytics – This free and powerful tool provides you critical information about website visitors and their behavior. You can use this data to better understand your target audience. 

Email Marketing

Another powerful tool that you can use in driving more sales for your product is email marketing. Teespring provides you with a messages tool, a built-in feature that allows you to send an email to your customers directly. You can also create a group of buyers based on the product that they have purchased. Additionally, you can customize your emails by simply adding a listing URL.

A lot of Teespring users find this tool more effective in driving sales compared to other external emailing platforms such as Mailchimp. One of the reasons why it’s effective in conversion is because it was designed to batch your buyer messages and distribute them over several hours. It’s a smart tactic to avoid being sent to spam folders, hence optimizing the deliverability and visibility of your emails. 

Use these tips to convert your emails into sales:

  • Share new designs and products with your previous customers. Make sure that these new products are related to the design that they previously purchased. 
  • Show your gratitude by sending a thank you email to your past customers. This nice gesture could lead to sales in the future. 
  • Reward your customer’s loyalty by offering discounts or sharing a promotional code for your new products. 
  • Involve your customers. Ask them what they would like to see next. This is an excellent way of collecting new design ideas. 

Final Words

If you have always been hesitant to start your own business because you think you lack the skills and capital to do so, Teespring is a great tool that can jumpstart this endeavor. Follow the steps provided in this guide and you could certainly prosper. 


C. James

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