How to Make Money Posting Ads on Social Media


How to Make Money Posting Ads on Social Media

Advertisement plays a critical role in every business. An effective advertising campaign can bring awareness to a brand and help generate more sales. A lot of companies pay individuals, agencies and businesses a lot of money to run their advertisements online. 

Can the average person really make money posting ads? 

The answer is a definite YES. This article will show you legit ways on how to make money posting ads on social media. 

But first, let’s talk about ads and why are they important. 

All About Ads


Ads is a marketing communication used to persuade an audience to patronize their product. Advertising can be traced back from 2000 BC when the Egyptians carved public notices in steel. Ads have come a long way since then. As technology evolves, so does advertising. 

Why is advertising an integral part of the business? Below are the reasons why it should be included in every business strategy:

  • It helps to introduce a new product in the market. 
  • Ads drive increased revenue and enhance good-will. 
  • It enables manufacturers to expand their market. 
  • It’s educational and dynamic in nature. 
  • It supports the salesmanship and provides more employment opportunities. 
  • It promotes the creation of better quality products. 

How to Make Money Posting Ads on Social Media

Posting ads on social media may not give you the rags-to-riches story that you desire, but it’s an effective way of making money online. If you’re looking for a side hustle, learn these genuine ways on how to make money posting ads on social media can your avenue to a steady income stream. 

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of advertising model where a company uses a third-party publisher to promote its product or generate leads. In return, the publisher gets paid when someone purchases a product through their link. 

One way of making money through affiliate marketing is by running ads. You’re more likely to make money with this method if you have already an established blog or website that gets very good traffic. You can place text links or banner ads in your content to promote the product. You get a commission every time an order is placed through your links or banner ads. 

Can you still make money with affiliate marketing without owning a website or a blog? 

Absolutely! You can still promote the product with the use of email marketing and other forms of marketing. 

Mastering the techniques in affiliate marketing does not happen overnight, but you just need to be patient in studying effective ways on how to do it. Once you have a full understanding of how it works, you can start earning money even on your sleep

2. Google AdSense

One of the most popular ways of monetizing a website or a blog is through Google AdSense.

What exactly is Google AdSense? 

It’s an advertising network run by Google which allows website owners and bloggers to make money online by showing video, image, text and other interactive advertisements on their websites.

Google AdSense offers convenience since you don’t have to collect the money yourself or deal with advertisers. It’s primarily Google who takes care of this. They are the one that negotiates with the advertisers. They also collect the payment and send the money to you after they have taken their management fee. 

You are earning money every time a visitor clicks an ad. Several factors such as your site traffic, placement of your ads and the advertiser play a huge role in how much you can make with Google AdSense.

If your website has been running for quite some time and has at least 25,000 monthly visitors, running your ads through Mediavine can help you earn more. 

3. Place Advertisements On Your Own Blog

WordPress blogging

There are several ways of monetizing your blog and selling ads is one of the most legit ways of making money. 

Some people start their own blog with the intent of making money off it. You have to understand though that monetizing your blog will not happen overnight. Instead, it would take time to create great content and secure loyal followers. 

It would be a challenge to get the attention of advertisers if your blog does not have a decent sized following. You would need at least 10000  unique visitors per month to get their interest. 

Here are some of the methods to make money with advertising on your blog. 

Pay per click advertising

Also known as Cost Per Click or CPC, is a type of internet advertising where an advertiser pays you once a visitor clicks on their ad. If you need a hand with running Pay-Per-Click ads on your blog, companies like and Chitika can be a big help. 

Sell Ads Space

Do you think you have established decent traffic on your blog? 

If you think so, why not maximize this and sell direct ads on your website? 

Selling ads on your blog does not require rocket science. You simply put an “Advertise with us” page on your blog. You should also include different formats of ads available and how much is your charge per month for each format. Don’t forget to mention your Google PageRank, Alexa rank and other traffic stats to hook your buyers. 


Though a lot of bloggers and advertisers are not really a big fan of pop-ups but it’s still an option. You can place your ads on your blog as pop-ups or pop-unders.

Paid reviews

Make money by publishing reviews on products and services. What’s great about this arrangement is that you have full control of a price that you set per review. Some bloggers are asking anywhere from $150 to $500 per review. 

4. Make Money with Ads on YouTube

Make money on youtube

Five billion videos on YouTube are watched every day across the globe. Users spend an average of 40 minutes killing their time on YouTube. 

If you’re not camera-shy and have a penchant for creating great video content, why not start your own YouTube channel and make money online? 

You don’t have to be a rockstar or a TV personality to make money with YouTube. A lot of ordinary people have earned a decent amount of money by creating great content on their YouTube channels. 

There are many ways of making money on YouTube and one of the most popular is through ads. Many YouTubers believe that ads represent an essential revenue stream. 

Become a YouTube partner and earn from ads. Before you can sign up though, you must meet the following prerequisites:

  • A minimum of 1,000 subscribers within the last 12 months
  • At least 4,000 video watch hours 

Once you have been approved as a YouTube partner, you can start displaying Google AdSense ads on your channel. You can also put affiliate links for products you recommend in your videos to earn additional cash. 

How much money you can make on YouTube depends on several factors. But you can maximize your potential for revenue by using ads, affiliate links and promoting sponsored placements in your videos. 

5. Advertise on Social Media


The role of social media in our life no longer limits to connecting with friends and sharing of experiences. A lot of business owners have tapped into these platforms to build brand awareness and increase their sales. 

Social media is one of the first avenues that you should look into if you want to make money online. It doesn’t come as a surprise that a lot of people use social media for advertisement. Here are the best social media to make money by posting ads.


Pinterest ads offer marketers the opportunity to create brand awareness and connect to the 250 million Pinterest users across the globe. 

Types of Pinterest Ads

  • Promoted Pins – Similar to the regular Pin, they appear in the home feed and search results. What sets them apart is that they are boosted and designed to reach more targets. 
  • One-tap Pins – With a single tap in your ads, users are taken directly to your landing page. 
  • Promoted Carousels – This type of Pinterest ads is perfect if you have multiple products to showcase as they feature two to five images that have different titles, description and landing pages. 
  • Buyable Pins – Also known as Shop the Look, users can find and purchase the product directly from your Pin. 
  • Promoted Video Pins – It’s the same with Promoted pins except your ads are displayed in a video form. 
  • Story Pins – They feature up to 20 pages of images, text, and links.
  • Promoted App Pins – Allows Pinterest users to download your mobile app directly from Pinterest.


Instagram advertising is a method of using the platform to reach a larger and more targeted audience by paying sponsored content posts. 

Advertising on Instagram really works! In fact, over 120 million Instagram users have visited the website or directly messaged the business owners. 

Here are the steps on how to create Instagram Ads:

  • Set your Marketing Objective – Choose the goal of your campaign. Do you want to increase brand awareness? Or perhaps generate more traffic or engagement? 
  • Target the Appropriate Audience – To get a precisely targeted audience, you have to consider factors such as location, age, gender, languages, demographics, interests, behaviors, connections, custom audience, and lookalike audience. 
  • Choose Your Placements – This is important if you want your ads to show exclusively on Instagram. You can also set if you prefer your ads to appear in Instagram feeds and/or stories section. 
  • Set Your Budget and Ad Schedule – You can choose to set your budget either daily or lifetime. Additionally, you have the control to pause or stop the campaign if you think there is no proper allocation in your budget. To optimize your budget, set your ads on a specific time of the day when your target audience is most active on Instagram. 
  • Create Your Instagram Ad – Select ad format depending on the objective of your campaign. 


Can you make money on Twitter

Absolutely! One way to maximize Twitter is by running ads on the platform. Twitter ads is not hard to set up. More importantly, it can help attract more customers, traffic, and revenue for a small amount of money. 

Set a daily and total campaign budget to minimize your risk and control the cost of your campaign. Once you have determined your campaign budget, you can now start setting up your ads. These are the most effective Twitter ads:

  • Follower campaign ads – this type of ad is designed to grow your followers by increasing your social media visibility. They appear as Promoted Tweets in your timeline and as Promoted Accounts in the Who to Follow boxes.
  • Conversion campaign – Use this type of campaign if your aim is to attract more traffic on your website and increase conversions. 
  • Leads – With just a single click, users can conveniently opt-in with your campaign. 


Being one of the most widely used social media platforms, Facebook is the go-to for marketers to market their products and reach out to a wider target audience. 

Create your paid ad on Facebook using the Ads Manager. Once logged in, your performance dashboard is displayed with a list of all of your ads, ad sets and campaigns as well as their results.  

If you want to create a new campaign, click the green “Create” button. Then follow these steps to setting up an Ad account:

  • Choose your campaign objective – With 11 different objectives to choose from, you can set your campaign whether you want to increase traffic to your online store, create more brand awareness, get more video views, etc. 
  • Select your audience – Before you can reach the right audience, it’s more likely that you have to make several experiments with different targeting options. You can use the audience definition gauge tool to help narrow down your target focus. 
  • Set your budget – You can either set a daily or lifetime budget. Daily budget is ideal if you want your ads to run continuously throughout the day. Lifetime budget, on the other hand, is perfect if your ad is running for a specified length of time.
  • Schedule your campaign – You can either start your campaign immediately and continuously or customize the start and end dates. 
  • Determine the delivery type – You can choose standard delivery if you want your ads to show throughout the day. Another option is the accelerated delivery which is great if your aim is to reach an audience quickly. 



Ads are a powerful tool to promote your business and increase your revenue. By following these tips on how to make money posting ads on social media, you are more likely to achieve the objective of your ad. 


C. James

C. James is the managing editor at Wealth Gang. He has a degree in finance and a passion for creating passive income streams and wealth management.