How to Make Money with Triller


Monetize your Music using Triller

Do you want to make more money by doing something you love….creating music? For many years, monetizing music has been a challenge for most artists. They say that you must work your way to the spotlight before you can be able to generate income that will be enough to sustain you and your family. This is why you hear of the starving musicians that works 50 hours per week creating songs and playing gigs while living in their car.

Thankfully, technology is evolving and application creators are creating platforms for small-time artists to be able to share their craft and earn money from it. One of these applications is called Triller

In this article, we will discuss Triller and how people can finally make some income for their music. 

What is Triller?

Triller is a social-networking and video-making platform that has been offering its services since July 2015. This platform’s main value proposition is that users can create their own music videos, or choose from song snippets, record their video with it and then share their content with others.  Users can also follow other content creators’ profiles so that they would be able to stay updated with the latest creations of each other. 

Triller has already garnered over 250 million downloads from both iOS and Android devices. In August 2020, it has also become the number 1 downloaded app in the US iOS App Store. Could it be the next Tik Tok? And if so, getting their early might be well worth your effort. 

How does Triller work?


The basic feature of Triller’s user interface is that you can record short videos using different types of song snippets. You can post and share your videos with other Triller users, and they can like and leave a comment on your videos. Your videos could also be featured in another user’s feed if your video matches that user’s viewing preferences. Lastly, the account creation is free for Triller which makes it easy for anyone to create and share their short videos online. 

Here are more details on what you can find on the Triller app:


Just like many social media platforms, Triller also has a Home page. This page contains the video feed and you can choose between three tabs: Following, Music, and Social. The Following tab displays the videos of users you have followed while the Music and Social tabs display the videos that have garnered enough likes or comments to be considered as “Trending” videos. You can also find videos tailored for your viewing preference on these two tabs. 

To browse through these tabs, you just need to tap and the feed would load quickly. You can also scroll through the short videos displayed on these tabs so that you can watch videos easily and let you skip redundant videos. 


Aside from the three tabs you can find on Triller’s Home page, there is also the “Discover” option with a music note icon. Tapping on Discover leads you to a list of music that is available on Triller. In here, you can find the music that you have been searching for hours, see all sorts of videos created using certain song snippets, and you can also use it to be featured on your Triller videos. 

All of the music found on Triller is licensed and Triller is an authorized partner of the biggest music brands in the industry such as Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, and Sony Music Entertainment. You will find the most popular songs from many genres, and you will never run out of music to listen to and to record with. 


There is also a magnifying glass icon on Triller’s navigation bar which lets you use the “Search” function. This function is useful especially if you want to find a certain video or a certain user. If you are unsure of the search terms, you can use the lists below the search text field that displays recommended and top videos or creators that may help you to be able to find the content you are searching for.  


Of course, Trille would not be complete without the “Upload” function. This function is depicted by a plus symbol on the navigation bar and it lets you start recording your video and upload them on Triller’s feeds. You can start by choosing a song, or going in straight for your own content. 

In this function, you can use multiple tools such as speed adjuster, timer, viewers settings, and zoom levels. After recording your video, you can watch a video preview before uploading it so that you can still make edits on your content before sharing it with other users.  


You can also use the Activity function depicted by a bell icon on Triller’s navigation bar. It has two tabs “You”, and “Following”. The “You” tab shows your reaction and comments to other users’ videos, while the “Following”, you would be able to see the activity of other users that you have followed. 


You can edit your display picture, public information, and see who you follow and who follows you in the “Profile” function. 


Lastly, you can control your privacy settings, viewing preferences, change passwords, change your display name and many other account-related matters in the “Settings” function. It is always recommended for users to configure their settings before engaging with others on the app, to protect not only their online data, but also the community. 

Two ways to earn on Triller


So let’s get to the good part…how do you monetize your music using Triller. There are two ways that you can generate income using this application. These two ways include: becoming an influencer and marketing using the app. 

Becoming an influencer

There is a short-form video content in Triller that influencers can use as to show off their brand or even other brands if needed. As you build up a following and people become engaged with your content, you gain influencer level popularity and can then sell your influence to larger brands through your video.  In addition, this application also has a crowdfunding feature that makes it easier for influencers to be able to monetize their content. Content creators in Triller can build goals, and connect with followers, music labels, and brands for them to reach their funding targets. 


Triller is another application that can increase someone’s or a brand’s exposure so that it can get an even bigger share of voice on social media. Just like Tiktok, Triller offers a fun and creative way for influencers and brands to market their products and merchandise through their video content. 

Besides that, influencers and brand managers can also make and facilitate challenges by using the hashtag feature of the Triller Challenges. They can also award prizes to someone who has the best submission so that they can increase follower engagement, raise brand awareness and brand affinity. 

Get thrilled with Triller

While the process of monetizing your music is simple, like all social media, it takes time to become an infleuncer to the level where brands will want you to represent them. However, starting early and being consistent with content creation and publishing has been a proven model on all social media platforms. Its the most proven formula that will create steady future income for you on Triller.

So if you want to get discovered, maybe a better approach to sleeping in your car and doing gigs around the country is simple to create exposure on a global platform. You no longer have to spend days tirelessly searching for gigs. The only thing that you need to do is to download Triller on your phone, create an account, and start sharing your talent by making videos!


C. James

C. James is the managing editor at Wealth Gang. He has a degree in finance and a passion for creating passive income streams and wealth management.