Is Moon Bitcoin Live an Awesome Investment?

Moon bitcoin live

As the world is adjusting to the “new normal” brought by the global pandemic, many have been finding alternative ways to make money online. One of the emerging trends that have surfaced includes investing in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

Several investment platforms have indeed used this popularity to get more clients. Moon Bitcoin Live definitely has taken this as an opportunity to advertise their services. However, is investing in them worth it? How reliable are they? Is Moon Bitcoin Live an awesome investment?

These are just some of the questions we’ll answer in this review.

What is Moon Bitcoin Live?

Moon bitcoin live

Moon Bitcoin Live is an up and coming investment platform that promises to double their clients’ bitcoins within 24 hours. Claiming to multiply bitcoins instantly, this platform claims to have guaranteed payouts.

If you’re a beginner, looking at their website can seem pretty convincing. However, if you want to get your money’s worth, then you need to look beyond the words they are advertising.

Moon Bitcoin Live highlights its double bitcoin offer by assuring its clients of the services they provide. Let’s review these services one by one.

“Trusted Bitcoin Investment”

To start investing with Moon Bitcoin Live, you just need to input your Bitcoin (BTC) address on their website. Unlike most investment platforms, no membership is required since they claim to offer anonymous trading. A minimum of 0.01 BTC is needed to get started. Meanwhile, the maximum amount you can trade is 5 BTC.

Moon Bitcoin Live also claims to be the “First Trusted Bitcoin Doubler.” Scrolling down on their website’s landing page will give you a list of their real-time transactions. Anyone who goes to their website can see the details of these transactions.

These details include the type and date of transaction, the BTC investment address it belongs to, and the amount paid and deposited. They also indicate the status of these transactions based on their system. Clicking the BTC investment addresses posted on their website redirects you to the Blockchain page which summarizes the client transaction.

As for the doubler service they offer, Moon Bitcoin Live claims to have never had any delayed transactions beyond 24 hours. According to them, this does not happen because of the emergency savings wallet that they use to double bitcoins of failed or halted doubles. This wallet acts as a safety net to ensures that its clients receive their double bitcoins on time.

Aside from these, Moon Bitcoin Live also promises all of its users to “earn bitcoin without risk.” However, no supporting information was found on how they do this except their claim in having a unique system algorithm in place. The only description they can offer pertaining to this is an “automated bitcoin doubler system with a unique algorithm.”

“100% Secure”


Online investing always poses a threat considering the number of scams that can happen within a few clicks. Online investment platforms like Moon Bitcoin Live is not an exemption to that rule.

The best way to determine the legitimacy of a trading platform is to see if they are registered and licensed to operate. This should come from authorities that has established a clear set of guidelines and requirements for all types of investment companies.

Essentially, being regulated means a company has passed the minimum requirements to operate legally. This involves a series of verification of their process in relation to the services they offer.

For Moon Bitcoin Live, they claim to be registered in the United Kingdom with the official name, Finance Ltd. Their website shows a scanned copy of their Certificate of Incorporation.

However, researchers at found out that they are not actually registered. All investment companies should only have one registration number. However, Moon Bitcoin Live has two different numbers on their website. In their Certificate of Incorporation seen on their Contact Us page, it indicates a registration number of 10714202. However, this does not match with the one found at their website’s footer, 1051808.

When this was verified with Companies House, U.K’s’ registrar of companies, it showed that the two registration numbers belong to two different companies. The registration number in their certificate (10714202) belongs to Bitcoin Finance Ltd while the other (10518084) belongs to a company called Crypto Zero Ltd.

Their certificate also incorrectly references “the Companies Act 2019,” instead of Companies Act 2006.  Yet this does not end there. Aside from having a fake certification, they also have a fake address. Moon Bitcoin Live’s physical address stated on their website also does not exist. They don’t have an office in Manchester Arndale, Manchester M4 11AD, England.

If this does not alarm you, then perhaps the next thing will. After all, it involves money.

“Guaranteed Payouts”


There’s always a risk in investing. We all know that but this statement can fall into deaf ears if people are easily distracted with fast returns.

Moon Bitcoin Live also uses this scheme. Not requiring membership is already a red flag in investing with them. Although this is enticing especially for those who are tired of long processes, this also lowers the credibility of the transactions you are doing with them.

This can be seen in the lack of information on their website. After entering your BTC address, what’s next? Moon Bitcoin Live does not specify the steps you need to do after you have deposited your money.

They also did not outline the payment methods they recognize, urging you to go find it on your own. Despite this, they are still encouraging larger deposits as they claim to offer a 200% bonus for payments above 0.5 BTC.

If they truly are a trustworthy company, it would do them no harm to give a quick overview of how they operate. Transparency of their services should not be limited to the transactions they have posted on their website. It should also feature some process overview for their client’s sake.

Easily accessing your account whenever you need to should also be a priority in trading. The best online trading platforms assure you excellent customer service by providing a clean and user-friendly interface, transparent monitoring boards, and an established set of guidelines.

Some verified platforms even have educational programs that they offer to their clients. They do this so that they can encourage their clients to invest more. It also empowers them to learn things on their own and take things on their own hands.

Moon Bitcoin Live doesn’t have that. Instead, they have an affiliate program that serves as a referral system to incentivize more people to join. A 20% commission is made after every successful referral. Anyone who has a strong experience in trading and investments knows that this should not be encouraged. A regulated entity actually informs and warns its investors of the potential risks of their decisions.

What Now?

thinking brain

Educating yourself about investment is the first thing you need to do. There are a lot of available resources available online. Books, videos, websites, you name it. There are even podcasts about it.

Podcasts connect you with people who you can turn to for professional advice. This has also become a popular reference for those interested in investing. Here are some of the best investment podcasts that you can listen to keep you informed.

You can also subscribe to investment newsletters to keep you in the loop of what’s happening in the industry. Although you might not be actively seeking information about it, being reminded of these opportunities can give you insights. Nowadays, there are several quality investment newsletters you can subscribe to.

If you prefer to learn things in one go, then we suggest looking into “Blockchain Bubble or Revolution: The Present and Future of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies” by Neel Metha. This 2019 bestseller not only gives you a quick history of bitcoin but also offers fresh insights into what the future of bitcoin might look like.

This book features a comprehensive overview and analysis of blockchain and cryptocurrencies that can help land you an informed decision in your investment ventures.

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Our Verdict

Moon Bitcoin Live is an awesome investment – if what they claim is true. Unfortunately, this review showed us several holes in the promises they are offering.

Outside of their website, there is no other information apart from the negative reviews about them. Legally speaking, they don’t even exist. If this doesn’t count as a huge red flag to you, then conduct your own investigation.

Investing in bitcoin requires a lot of resources. Although it might seem an easy way out, online investments require a lot of your time and patience. Technology has made things much faster but it won’t necessarily equate to fast money. Online investments like bitcoin may be exciting at first glance but you need to do an extensive background check first. Are you prepared to trade online? Do you know the risks?

Use technology to your own advantage. If you have the right resources with you, bitcoin can be a good avenue for you to earn more money.


C. James

C. James is the managing editor at Wealth Gang. He has a degree in finance and a passion for creating passive income streams and wealth management.