7 Ways To Make Money Selling Your Body Legally

The human body is clearly a valuable asset. But have you considered using it to generate passive income? You might think that the only way to earn money using your body is through sex-related jobs. But no, that is not the sole option. Most countries consider sex work illegal anyway, so, how else can you make money selling your body legally?

This article will introduce you to various avenues that you can explore if you want to earn using your body. The most common ways include selling your sperm, breast milk, hair, and other things that our body naturally produces.

If, on the other hand, you don’t feel comfortable selling these, you can still offer services. There are companies paying for test subjects and models for their products, and this is something worth trying.

There are plenty of weird ways to make money, but the methods below are all natural. Moreover, numerous government and private organizations regulate the markets for these, so you can be sure that they are legitimate.

Make Money Selling Your Body Legally

Here are several ways you can make money selling your body without breaking any laws.

Be A Body Double Or Model

We’re going to ease our way into this list. Which is why the first option to “legally sell your body for money” is also one that a lot of people can do. And that is to become a body double or model.

Obviously famous models or models in general can make great money. However, not everyone can be a model (myself included). But that doesn’t mean it isn’t an option for some people.

As for body doubles, that could be a more likely route. And, body double in a movie can make a significant amount of money, depending on the nature of the project. Movie producers typically use body doubles to fill in for scenes that require a lot of flexibility and physical capability, such as stunts or large crowd scenes.

The pay for a body double can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars depending on the amount of work required and the production budget. In addition to salary, body doubles often receive additional benefits such as meals, travel, and lodging. For longer productions, body doubles can also receive residuals, meaning they get an additional payment for each time the movie airs.

Make Money Selling Breast Milk

Newborn babies all need breast milk, and not just for nourishment. It contains growth factors and vital immunologic components. Unfortunately, some mothers are not capable of lactating or have health issues that cause them to produce insufficient milk. Worse, sometimes the mother is not in the picture. That is why breast milk banks are booming businesses right now. They cater to infants and help distressed mothers as well by providing them with an essential product.

If you are a lactating mother and you have milk to spare, you may earn extra income by selling it. Some milk banks that pay for breast milk include Mothers Milk Co-op and Prolacta Bioscience. These milk banks pay one dollar per ounce of milk, though you may opt just to donate it fully. The milk you sell to these banks will then be sold again or delivered to hospitals in need of it.

Note that selling your breast milk requires meeting stringent health requirements. Aside from being generally healthy and physically fit, you should not be taking medications or substances like nicotine and alcohol. These will affect the quality of your breast milk and the infant who will consume it may have adverse reactions. Furthermore, a history of hepatitis, HPV, or HIV may also disqualify you from being eligible to sell your milk.

Make Money Selling Sperm

One of the main reasons married couples tend to be childless is because of the husband’s infertility. Treatments like in vitro fertilization are very expensive and may not be accessible to most people. Sperm banks exist to address this dilemma. If both sides agree, couples can purchase sperm from the sperm bank and have it artificially inseminated inside the woman.

This is another possible source of income for healthy adult males. Sperm banks like NW Cryobank pay qualified males for their semen. Of course, the screening process is very strict. Initially, you have to send a sample of your semen to analyze it for parameters like motility or sperm count. Your medical history will also be combed through rigorously to make sure that you are fit to sell your sperm.

Make Money Selling Your Hair

Hair is a fascinating part of the human body because of the incredible rate at which it grows. Human hair is the raw material for manufacturing expensive wigs, which are used extensively in the fashion industry.

So, if you have thick and healthy hair that you don’t mind cutting, you can earn by selling your locks. Websites like BuyandSellHair.com and HairSellon allow you to post pictures of your hair that can attract potential customers. The good thing about these platforms is that you will be able to negotiate your price according to your preferences.

Be a Human Lab Rat

The reason medicines are oftentimes expensive is because of the exorbitant costs of clinical tests done by pharmaceutical companies. They develop drugs, research ways to mass-produce them, and test them on people before releasing them to market. Now, since the drugs are still experimental, taking them entails some risk. And so they pay people to try the efficacy of these experimental medicines.

If you are a healthy adult without any complications, then being a test subject by pharmaceutical companies is worth trying. Just go to websites like Just Another Lab Rat! to browse companies looking for volunteers for their experiments. You will see big names like Pfizer, Covance, and Novum. The clinics wherein these tests are administered can also be found on those websites. Most of these tests are well-paying, and some are even long-term sources of income.

However, because of the high risk involved in undergoing clinical tests, human volunteers are screened judiciously. The Food and Drug Administration regulates these trials to ensure that no one is harmed. Pharmaceutical companies employ FDA-approved screening methods to determine the fitness of a volunteer. On your end, you should also be careful in deciding whether you want to be a human lab rat.

Make Money Selling Your Photos

Who says that selling your body legally would have to be risky and complicated? There are actually ways to “market” your body in a way that would not cause you too much inconvenience. One thing you can do is to sell your pictures or images to websites, magazines, catalogs, and the like.

Photography outlets like Getty Images allow you to post photographs of yourself and sell them. People may view and purchase your stock photos, earning you some cash. You may also submit your photos to advertising agencies that publish catalogs. This way, you get passive income by doing something that does not make you uncomfortable.

Make Money Eating

We’re not talking filet mignon. But if you’re open to side hustles with that may test your taste buds, you have options. Like… how about trying to make money eating dog food?

If your answer is yes, then you should be looking into becoming a dog food tester. In the line of weird jobs, dog food tester is definitely on the top along with dice inspectors and breath odor evaluators.

While it may not sound enticing, the salary certainly can be. Professional pet food tasters usually make $12-$15 per hour. You can earn between $34,000 – $100,00 annually. This figure surely makes the job more appetizing, even if the food isn’t.

Final Thoughts on Selling Your Body

To wrap up, it is essential to highlight that legal selling of your body is ultimately a personal decision. While there are certain legal frameworks in place to ensure that individuals are not taken advantage of, there is also a risk of exploitation if proper procedures are not followed. It is important to be informed and self-aware when engaging in body selling, as this will help to ensure a safe and successful transaction. Ultimately, it is a personal decision that requires thorough research and thoughtful consideration before any agreement is made.

That all said, there are plenty of ways to earn cash by selling your body legally. Just be careful, as most of these options can directly affect your overall health and well-being. It is best to consult professionals before you dive right into these ways to make money on the side. Once you feel comfortable, then go for it!

C. James

C. James is the managing editor at Wealth Gang. He has a degree in finance and a passion for creating passive income streams and wealth management.