13 Passive Income Apps That Can Make You An Extra $100 Per Month


The average person spends 6 hours and 30 minutes online per day. Overall, it is equivalent to approximately 100 days of going online per year (27 percent of their time). If we’re online that much, then why not use of this time to earn extra money? Great question! And the answer is right here with the best passive income apps. This article will tackle the best passive income apps that you can use to generate profit while online and how to make money from these mobile apps.

Best Passive Income Apps


What are the features of this passive income app?

Acorns will help you save up money without putting too much pressure on your spending habits. The money you have here adds up quickly. You won’t even notice it. The first thing you have to do is link either your credit card or debit card. Make sure that the one you will choose is the one you use more frequently. So, how does Acorns work?

Every time you buy something using the linked card, the price of your purchase will be rounded up to the nearest dollar. The difference between the rounded up amount and the original cost will be deposited into your Acorns account. Aside from this, it also serves as a “Found Money” service or also known as a cashback site. If you shop products through the platform’s portal, a percentage of the money you’ve spent will be given back to your account.

Another service that Acorns offers is its ability to be an investment portal. The money that you have in your account can be allocated into a variety of exchange-traded funds in partnership with Vanguard. Take note that this offering is not free. It would charge a small amount of $1 per month if you placed less than $5,000 in your portfolio.

Overall, Acorns help you invest and save your money in the future. Something that not other passive income apps can offer.

How much will you earn?

There’s no definite amount on how much you will earn per month. It will significantly depend on the number of purchases you take part in and the kinds of service you avail in Acorns. The advantage of using this, however, is that you will get instant money whenever you are in need.


What are the features of this passive income app?

Honeygain is a legitimate app where you can make money without putting that much effort. Basically, it aims to maximize your internet’s full potential by using your device as a primary gateway. The platform connect to the web through your device, and manage the established connections using various safeguards for protection.

Take note that there may be nights that they may use a lot of internet. However, there are also times that they control their usage. Everything is based on the demand of their customers.

Unlike other passive income apps, this does not require skills or educational background for you to be able to enter. It only needs a stable internet connection, and you’re good to go.

How much will I earn?

Honeygain pays you $1 per 10 GB of internet used. The way they payout is through Paypal. According to the users, there is a significant possibility that you will be able to collect around $40 to $50 per month. They also have coupon codes once in a while, which you can use to add some money to your account. New users also receive a $5 bonus upon signing in.


What are the features of this passive income app?

Sweatcoin is one of the best fitness apps that pay. It runs in your phone’s background and uses the GPS and other data of the users while they walk outdoors. The more steps you perform, the higher the amount of Sweatcoins you receive. These Sweatcoins can be used in exchange for discounts, prizes, or cash.

The only downside with this application is that it takes a lot of time to be able to cash out your money. The minimum amount you will need is 20,000 Sweatcoins, which is equivalent to a whopping $1,000. Studies proved that an average user would be able to reach this around 1 to 2 years, depending on the user’s activity.

There is a shortcut to this, however. If you can recruit 30 additional members to use this app (they should use your promo code), you will be given the freedom to cash out anytime. Yes, without reaching the high 20,000 Sweatcoin limits. Recruiting entails them downloading the app and signing up. It does not matter whether they will be able to collect high Sweatcoins or not. As long as they have registered in the app, it will be counted as one recruitment point.

Another unique thing with Sweatcoin is that it offers the best prizes. There are paid vacations, food promos, furniture, and other health and fitness items. However, users are required to pay the $1 to $2 shipping should they avail of these prizes.

Sweatcoin won’t make you rich quickly, but it is an effortless way to start earning more money.

How much will I earn?

As mentioned, one dollar is equivalent to 0.05 Sweatcoins. You will be able to collect one Sweatcoin per 100 steps. Upon conversion, you will need 2000 steps to earn that $1. It might take you a while to receive a large amount of money, but it’s worth it for you – not only for the benefit of your pockets but for the benefit of your health as well.


What are the features of this passive income app?

Swagbucks is one of the most popular passive income apps out there. It is a site where you can earn money by doing various online tasks. Here are some of the ways on how you can generate cash through Swagbucks.

Watch Videos

If you’re a movie enthusiast, doing this will be a piece of cake for you. All you have to do is finish watching a movie, and the points will pour in. If you’re not that fond of watching videos and movies, you still don’t have to worry. Take note that you just need to play the film and finish it. You are not required to have your eyes glued to it. You can still do other tasks such as read news articles, scroll Facebook, or watch TV while the movie is playing in the background.

Answer Surveys

A quicker way to generate more money in Swagbucks is by taking surveys. Upon logging into the site, you will be able to see a list of surveys available for answering. The dashboard displays the Survey number, the time it will take you to complete it, and the corresponding points that you will be able to collect. The SB points will depend on the difficult and the completion time of the said survey.

Take note that there are some featured surveys on the site. This means that these are the most urgent ones and that users are encouraged to prioritize this. In return, the SB points that you will be able to receive is higher because of its status.

Play Games

If you are a gamer, then you won’t break a sweat in this task. There are various online games in Swagbucks that you can play every time you log in. The SB points that you will receive will depend on how good you are in these games, so make sure to practice for you to improve.

Use Swagbucks Coupons

Swagbucks also offer different deals and coupons for your favorite stores. All you have to do is purchase these deals on their website, and they will reward you with some points in return for supporting their partners.

How much will I earn?

Cashing out your earnings in Swagbucks is easy and fast. Take note, however, that it will take a bit of time to be able to receive your rewards. The platform still has to process it, and it might take them a few days to do so. The conversion rate of Swagbucks is constant – $1 for every 100 SBs you receive. If you don’t want to convert it to cash, you can redeem gifts from your favorite retailers such as Starbucks, iTunes, Amazon, Target, and Walmart. The conversion rate is still the same. Sign Up Now


What are the features of this passive income app?

Do you know that you can get paid by simply unlocking your phone? You do not have to download any new application, click anything, or watch those annoying days. You will receive money depending on the number of times you unlock your phone per day. Upon downloading the app, they will require you to customize your lock screen. It is based on some of your preferences so it’s not going to force you to change any behaviors. The developers ensured that these customization options are user-friendly and sleek to make sure that the users are still contented with their lock screens.

How much will I earn?

As mentioned above, your earnings will depend on how frequent you unlock your phone. However, a typical Billsboard user makes about $25 to $30 per month. The good thing with Billsboard is that you can cash out anytime. There are three available payment options to choose from – Paypal cash, point transfers, or gift cards. Just select the one you desire, and it will be processed in just a day or two. 


What are the features of this passive income app?

SavvyConnect is known for its straightforward data application approach. Once you have installed the program, it will continuously run in the background of your computer, phone, or tablet. It aims to collect various user data depending on how you browse the web. Other business ventures hire SavvyConnect if they want to have an idea of how their online consumers behave. Take note that they do not give sensitive information or the user’s personal data to their clients. What they do is study their user’s online activity, and they create a data-centric report regarding it. They do not reveal who their users are.

How much will I earn?

You won’t earn that much with using SavvyConnect. From the experience of their users, they get approximately $5 to $10 per month. Remember, however, that you can install SavvyConnect on several devices. So, if you have active accounts on your phone, tablet, and computer, then you will receive cash worth $15 per month. They also have a particular offering to entice newcomers. They get to receive a sign-up incentive of $5 per month for each active device they place SavvyConnect. Aside from this, the program also came up with a referral program where you can earn even more cash. You will gain a bonus of $5 to $15 each time your referral completes a project.

Smart Panel

What are the features of this passive income app?

The goal of Smart Panel is to collect data on how long their users use their phones daily and what apps they have installed. Once they have come up with the data, they use these pieces of information to help how the internet works. At times, they give these reports to companies as a way of assisting them in tailoring their ads to their audience.

For example, the app revealed that males who are ages 20 to 24 have five or more online games installed on their phones as compared to older generations who only have one. They divulge this information to their clients, and their clients will take this opportunity to determine the best marketing approach to take. They can do product placements, special offers and create services from males ages 20 to 24 that have online games.

Before you can enter Smart Panel, you first have to undergo a short survey. This is an eligibility quiz to make sure that you are at age 18 and above, and that you are not a bot. You won’t have problems qualifying as well if you have a smart device.

The only downside with this is that the app reports a 1 percent to 5 percent reduction in battery life since it runs on the background 24/7. Rest assured, however, that it won’t affect the performance of the phone in the future. Keep in mind as well that the app will eat about 2 MB to 5 MB per month in your data usage. It’s just a small amount to bare.

How much will I earn?

The longer the time you have the app installed on your phone, the higher the bonuses you will receive. If you leave the app running on your phone for one year, you will earn around $110 in passive income. If you use it for two years, you will receive $120 in your second year. Observe that your passive income increases by $10 for each additional year you take part of the app. Smart Panel also automatically grants a $5 bonus for registering as a new user.


What are the features of this passive income app?

Before you start working with Paribus, make sure to sign up using the email where your online receipts are sent to. What the program does is that it will search for the receipts of your purchase. Once it has tracked these in your inbox, it will determine whether you have a pending refund from these stores. They also make sure to see whether you are entitled to any price changes of the items.

Upon collecting all of this information, Paribus will notify you of the details. They will also assist you online to ensure that you will be able to get your money back.

Paribus is already an established website. Overall, it tracks more than 25 big retailers such as Target, Amazon, Walmart, and many more.

Many users consider this platform as a passive income app because you get to receive some cash back just by spending on your daily needs. Take note, however, that Paribus is not available for Android phones. As an alternative, you can sign up on a desktop computer or a mobile browser.

How much will you earn?

Your earnings will depend on the quantity and amount of your purchase. The more frequent you shop from the said big retailers, the higher your cashback would be. Remember, though, that there might be times that you won’t earn anything from a particular receipt purchase. This means that there are no pending refunds or price changes in the stores.

S’mores Lockscreen

What are the features of this passive income app?

The front-runner when it comes to lock screen apps that pay is Smores Lockscreen. The reason for this is its performance, reliability, and stability.

S’mores is an android-based app that shows ads on your background by changing the lock screen of your phone. As a user, you don’t have to click anything or play anything once it changes. You can ignore it completely, and you will still earn those bucks.

How much will you earn?

Your earnings will not depend on how often you unlock your phone. Instead, it will pay its users $0.10 per day for opening their lock screens. You will be able to cash out these once your savings reach $1. However, you can only exchange this value with Amazon gift cards.

Cross Media Panel

What are the features of this passive income app?

Cross Media Panel pays you by just collecting your browsing data. They aim to know which kinds of sites you visit and how often you direct yourself there. By doing so, you are participating in assisting the services of the most prominent websites, such as Google Chrome and YouTube.

You have the option to use Cross Media Panel on your computer. Instead of installing the application on your phone, you may opt to use it as a browser extension instead. Take note that you have to use Google Chrome to ensure that you take part in this panel.

How much will you earn?

Whenever you register one device, you will be able to receive a signing bonus of $2. Afterward, you are entitled to a weekly reward of $1 per device. The limit for this rule, however, is that you are only allowed to have a maximum of three devices per account. Therefore, you can earn approximately $12 per month or a yearly profit of $144.

The minimum wallet balance to be able to cash out is $5. You cannot directly convert this cash, though. Instead, you have the option to purchase an electronic gift card of the platform’s partners. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to receive it upon filling up the redemption form. You will find the gift card in your inbox within 48 hours upon request.

Drop Rewards

What are the features of this passive income app?

Drop is another free money-making apps where you do not have to exert too much effort just to make money. Your primary role is to link both your debit and credit cards.

Once you sign up in the Drop, you will have the opportunity to choose two “power offers” at stores such as Safeway and Trader Joe’s. Anytime you buy at the said partner stores using the cards you linked at the app, you will earn points in return. These are most likely equivalent to around 1 to 2 percent cashback.

Aside from the said perks above, you can also use this for high-value cash back shopping. Drop recently offered a 4 percent back on Lululemon purchases and a whopping 6 percent back on all Sephora purchases. Therefore, if you’re planning to spend a portion of your money on these stores, you will receive more money from these cash backs.

How much will you earn?

You can redeem these points in exchange for gift cards once you reach 1,000 Drop points. This corresponds to a saving worth $1. What’s good about Drop is that it does not set an expiration from these points. Hence, you can let them rack up for years.


What are the features of this passive income app?

Grindabuck is one of the most popular get-paid-to (GPT) websites. Grindabit Interactive established it in 2014, and since then they have paid their users with more than $515,000. You might say that there are a lot of GPT sites there that actually pay more and have more users in them. So, what makes Grindabuck standout?

According to surveys, the majority of the users of Grindabuck stick with this platform because they never had issues with it. This claim revolves around every aspect – cashing out, receiving rewards, waiting for the cash, or gift cards to be delivered. Believe it or not, these words are a big thing for GPTs since most websites always have delays when it comes to these services.

There are several options on how you can earn GABs or Grindabuck currencies. These options include the following:

  • Answering surveys depending on your profile and demographics
  • Watching advertisements and videos through their passive earnings section
  • Completing online tasks on their ‘Offer Wall’ like reaching certain levels in online games, downloading mobile apps, and more
  • Refer friends to Grindabuck
  • Place in the Top 15 earners to receive 100 to 2,700 bonus GABs

How much will you earn?

Your earnings will solely depend on how frequent you visit the site and how long you spend your time passively watching videos. However, according to the site, an average user cashes out around $40 to $50 per month. This is aside from the signing bonus of $10.

Take note, however, that the minimum reward cash out for this site is at $10. Once you have undergone your first cashout, the minimum amount will gradually lower. You will have to verify your identity first to be able to withdraw your first $10. This is a good security measure by Grindabuck to assure the safety of the website.

Panel App

What are the features of this passive income app?

The Panel App aims to collect market data from your online activities. It also tracks your location via the GPS on your phone to check the science behind the foot traffic of the consumers. They sell this information to their business clients without having to divulge the identities of their users.

You don’t have to do anything to collect points. The single-action you have to do is install the app, and you’re good to go! It may not be the highest paying passive income app out there, but its truly passive and will help you generate extra value (not real cash though, see below).

How much will you earn?

An average Panel App user receives around $10 to $20 per month. You can exchange the points you collect for gift cards and sweepstake cards. Take note that Panel App does not allow cash withdrawal.


Thanks to the power of technology, you can now earn money without exerting too much effort or spending too much of your time. These apps can help you make extra cash, even when you’re doing something else or even sleeping. Try installing a few and see which are the best ones that work best for you.

If you’re looking for a secondary source of income, you may check I4C PROFIT’s book entitled Passive Income App Method. It will introduce you to more passive income apps out there, and how you can maximize your usage to earn more.


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