How to Make Money Completing Surveys, Reading Emails, Play Games and Shopping

Making money by doing simple pleasures of life is much more of a reality than you may think. The world of technology has graciously opened the door to alternative income sources. With so many options online for your attention, why not focus on cost-free activities that can earning you money. 

Making money through online odd-jobs is not a brand new concept. Many individuals have been able to generate income through tasks as simple as answering surveys or even gaming.

With InboxDollars, your daily activities can turn into daily cash. Since 2000, they have distributed over $59 million in cash rewards for their members. Is it really that easy? Well, countless brands are hungry for consumer input, generating valuable feedback and engagements to promote and improve their brand. 

Building an Online Community

Two decades since its inception, its members have been able to not just earn money, but also have contributed valuable insights to market research. This gives them the power to influence company and business products and services to come into flesh. With nearly 9,000 member reviews to date, it is a proven, effortless way of passing time while catching great deals for daily cash. 

Turn Insights into Income

To further brand reach to its consumers, companies invest in conducting surveys as a means of developing research on their current products or services. These responses also help provide insights on the next new, big thing they can do. It is not enough to just get a handful of consumer insights, they have to go big or go home and increase reach. Brands need to have as much representation in response, as well as efficiency in collecting data.

It is not necessarily a hack to get rich, but it’s definitely a way to transform spare time into growing spare change. Of course, however, with any online surveys, you have to be smart. Other sites tend to have suspicious claims or offers that seem too good to be true – which most of the time, they are. But with InboxDollars, it’s proven and tested to be effective and safe! The more you can do and the more frequently you can do it, the more you earn.

Fun in Games

With more than thirty arcade games and a diverse library of Game Show Network (GSN) games, there are heaps of ways you can win both virtually and financially. You can get connected with companies seeking more users to try out and enjoy their games. No more are the days where playing games are seen as unproductive! This is perfect for game enthusiasts, or even those simply trying to kill time. 

Watch Me Earn and Learn!

counting money

While watching videos online may seem quite sedentary, it also is a way to earn productively from this favorite downtime activity. With brands and companies wanting to inform audiences about their content, it is hard to break through the countless media already out there. This is why they want to pay you to engage with them to hear and see their products and services. 

The more you watch, the more you earn, it’s just as simple as that! When viewing their content, you can also unlock prizes with virtual scratch-off cards that can increase your earnings! All you need is a device and an internet connection. Pretty amazing, right? 

Scroll for your Payroll

On top of quick online surveys and cashback offers, you can roll in the cash while scrolling through your inbox. You will not only hear about already existing deals from brands, you can also rack in steals with your member discount for any of the promotions you see! This is how they try to engage in e-mail marketing. Even if you choose not to avail or subscribe to what they are offering, you still can reap rewards nonetheless. 

Shop ‘til you drop!

Investing in cash back, no matter the amount, can easily add up over time. With online shopping becoming the norm, cashback is the way you can actually profit from expenses! With companies like Walmart and Gap, you can gain a portion of the commission earned through using specific InboxDollars links to shop for their products. 

Earn with InboxDollars


With all of that said and done, these are just four out of the many other ways you can earn remotely with InboxDollars quickly! As long as you’re eager and crafty enough, you can explore this platform to see what works best for you! Check out their website to see the other opportunities you can turn your spare time into spare change with little to no effort at all. 


C. James

C. James is the managing editor at Wealth Gang. He has a degree in finance and a passion for creating passive income streams and wealth management.