How to Make Money Cuddling Bear Cubs


Buckle up, fans of adorable bear cubs. And unzip your jacket while you’re at it.

Last week, a state Twitter account revealed a dream job we didn’t know we wanted. Because we didn’t know it was real.

Bear Cubs Need You

That job? Professional bear cub cuddler.

Okay, that’s not the actual title. But it is an important part of working with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, which showcased in an adorable Twitter thread just how important it is to handle bear cubs while their mothers are sedated and being examined for research:

Cubs are held inside jackets for about an hour during the sow’s check-up. They weigh between 3-6lbs and are easy to hold as long as you keep a close eye out for those claws!

You might imagine they smell like warm chocolate chip cookies. In reality it’s more like a wet musky dog.

[When the exam is complete] the bears are placed back into the den for the remainder of their winter rest. The sedative wears off shortly after and metabolizes in her body so there is no risk to the cubs.

If cuddling with baby bears inside your jacket (along with a few other tasks like groundskeeping) for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources sounds like your dream job, we’ve got great news. They’re hiring Summer and Fall help.

Two young brown bear cubs in the forest.

More Unexpected Ways to Make Money

We’re always on the lookout for unorthodox ways to pull in more cash. If cuddling bear cubs is your idea of avoiding a 9-to-5, consider these additional options:

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