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Gen X Wealth Doubled During Pandemic

Gen X Wealth Doubled During The Pandemic – Here’s How

According to new data from the Federal Reserve, Gen X is finally getting better with money – both in earning and saving. Generation Xers will be the first to admit their early mistakes with money, but the recent pandemic has proven a golden opportunity to create wealth for people 41-56 years old. The generation hit… Read more

Chris Illuminati 7 Oct
money mistakes Gen X

4 Money Mistakes Gen X Wishes They Didn’t Make When They Were Younger

Regrets. We all have a few. Bad relationships, bad investments, even bad haircuts – every human can look back at certain decisions and say, “I probably could have handled that better.” Managing money is probably where people have the most regrets and make the most mistakes – especially for members of Gen X. GoBankingRates spoke… Read more

Chris Illuminati 29 Sep
Generation X moving

Wealthy Gen Xers Are Moving To These 10 States In Droves

Want to know which states have seen the biggest influx of wealthy Generation X members in the last year? The 2021 report from the National Association of Realtors has all of the answers as to where Generation X is moving. According to a new report from the National Association of Realtors, Gen Xers made up… Read more

Chris Illuminati 11 Aug
how americans spend their money

How Americans Spend Their Money, Broken Out By Generation

When it comes to saving money, we’ve told you about how different generations of Americans are saving and building wealth. We’ve also told you about the average amount of debt each generation of Americans has. But how are different generations of Americans spending the money they bring it? And what categories are they spending that money… Read more

B. Carlisle 27 Sep
How much the average amount of debt each generation from Gen Z to Millennials to Gen X to Baby Boomer holds, including credit card debt, student loans, personal debt and auto loans.

Here’s How Much Average Debt Americans Have At Every Generation

Americans added $660 billion in debt during the pandemic, according to personal finance site Money Geek. But Americans were piling on debt before the pandemic as U.S. credit card debt hit a record high of $930 billion in the final quarter of 2019, CNBC reports. The average U.S. household holds more than $155,000 of debt,… Read more

Paul Sacca 25 Oct