This Side Hustle Skill Earns Freelancers $145 an Hour, Plus More In-Demand Talents Commanding Big Money


Whether you’re a side hustle savant or full-time freelancer, having an in-demand skill you can perform on-demand can be very lucrative right now.

Companies across the country realize that for some tasks, they can stop hiring expensive full-time employees and instead pay talented freelancers to complete work as needed. It’s working well for corporations, and because they’re able to pay a higher wage for fewer hours, it’s also working out very well for freelancers with desirable skill sets.

Earning Over $100 an Hour

It should come as no surprise that some of the most in-demand skills right now are in the creative space. With so many tasks now automated by software and machinery, true creativity remains hard to replace—despite the best efforts of artificial intelligence

Per Upwork’s “Most In-Demand Skills for Independent Professionals in 2023,” these are the ten most wanted creative skills right now:

1.Graphic Design
2.Video Editing
3. Illustration
4. 3D Animation
5. Presentation Design
6. Image Editing
7. Cartoons & Comics
8. Product & Industrial Design
9. 2D Animation
10. Video Production

Number one should come as no surprise to anyone who’s spent time on the Upwork talent marketplace, as some successful graphic designers are now charging up to $145 an hour. Number two on the list can be equally as lucrative, as CNBC recently profiled a stay-at-home mom who makes $12,000 per month picking up video editing projects on rival site Fiverr.


More Big Money Freelance Skills and Trends

In the past we profiled a freelance writer who shared her tips for making $8k per month while working only 60 hours. CNBC’s Make It recently shined a light on the ability of SEO pros to command $125/hour as contractors. There are so many opportunities to chase side gig glory that Gary Vaynerchuck has called it the “never applying in the first place” trend: young people realizing they don’t need to become a corporate stiff when the well-paying freelance life can be much more, well, freeing.

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